Tom welling and kristin kreuk dating

Catherine and Vincent got their (short-lived) happy ending, so did the show with a last-minute renewal.

"[Our fans] were so happy and I'm happy for them," Kristin Kreuk tells

Check out some more famous faces that popped up on the hit show as well as some other fun 14 Years Later: Famous Faces & Fun Facts You Might've Forgotten!

Well that roll continues as they reportedly have a live action remake of were all HUGE box office hits!

So far there's no release date and we're guessing it will be a while before we get any casting news, but we definitely have a few ideas!

Kristin Kreuk: Catherine goes into classic Catherine mode where, from the last moment you saw her, she takes action immediately.

She doesn't even bother getting changed out of her pajamas and she just goes to deal with the situation. He loved her and she gave him a chance and it all blew up for him.

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